Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Why workout with a partner and races costly much?

Mornings don't start at 7 anymore. They start at 5AM. Although exercising always give you a high, sometimes you just wish you could snooze and sleep more for one day. But that's how working out with a partner helps out! When one knows someone is also getting up at 5 and is figuring out how to get into a sports bra when the mind is still snoozing, one cannot call/msg and say sorry but I am too lazy to get out of my bed. Its a responsibility to one another and this accountability is what motivates you on the lame days. Well,  it was one such for me, but Pallo waiting up for me, had me out of the bed in 5 seconds. As she rightly pointed out later, the toughest distance for any runner is the one from your bed to the door. Couldn't agree more!

On my drive to meet Pallo for our run. Zero traffic roads, awesome! Be rest assured I was fully awake here!

Reached Chandani Chowk CCD. Did 8 kms. As usual the first km felt painful. But remaining 3kms downhill were too easy. Uphill back again for a change felt bearable. The hill training and circuit training have begun to show their effects. Chatted with Abhijit and Krishna on our return. They start late, around 6:20.

Rest of the day was a normal office routine. Took the office bus today. Just made it in time to catch it. My workout ends at 7:05. I make to my house back by 7:15. Bath and breakfast in the next 15 mins, and 7:40 at the bus stop to catch the bus. This is only possible due to my super woman mom. I have no clue how I am going to make it once she leaves for Bangalore!

Once back home, I see a parcel waiting for me. Yoga bars have arrived! These babies are super delicious and super healthy. I had shared the link on the nutrition bar from sat. Would let you know how well it works out in days to come. I am too excited. Don't all the flavors look ultra tempting!

And now for the 10 minute arm workout. If you are like me, and are not fond of lifting weights, this 10 mins arm workout is awesome. Yes, this includes weights, but the trainer Holly Perkins makes it very interesting. and guess what, it only for 10 mins. Just 10 mins!


Looked up a couple of races to run before Hyderabad in and around Pune. Found two, both cost 900, both don't give timing chips or t shirts. So really not sure what the 900 is for! May sound crude, but due to the growing popularity of running and marathons in general, entering into races are becoming costly. Surely not the right way to go if we want to promote running. So not sure about the high costs, unless I am really missing something here!

Bright point -> Tomorrow our training at BMCC. Excited to see whats in store for us!

What time is a human waking hour for you guys? 
Used to be 6:30 - 7, but now get up by 5

Do you guys use the office bus too?
Yes for me. I sleep the entire time!

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