Sunday, August 17, 2014

Birthdays become doubly special when

You get gifts a week before the actual day :-) :-) Ash and Priya you guys are the best. My angels.

(There is actually a very cute story associated with this one. Ash asked me for an opinion with respect to watches on one of the online websites, stating she needed to buy one for her close school friend. I told her what I liked. And lo, a week later wasn't I in for a surprise when I find the same watch, after I open the above gift wrapped parcel. I totally loved it because I know how much it costs. Lol I kid :-P)

When your family makes it a point to be there with you 2 days before your special day and plan a smashing birthday weekend outing. Kiniamma, Navin tiddi, Priya you were dearly missed, and I understand why you were not there.

(The pictures are from the amazing lunch we had en route Tamini ghat. My mom had bought the most detailed lunch which included pickles, papads and chaas as well :-) )

When you have a surprise visit from a friend (who has become terribly close in the past one very difficult year, both for him and me) after 12 in the night, and gets loads of peru, chocolates, birthday card and very special handwritten letter. I shall cherish the letter for life my friend.

When your birthday falls on a Saturday. I don't think we need pictures to explain this.

And when its your 30th birthday. I am certainly not explaining this.



  1. Many happy returns of the day, though belated, Jenny! Saty blessed! Great to see you back with so many posts! Enjoyed reading them and was reminded of my stay in Pune and exploring all those places:)

  2. Belated happy birthday, Jenny. You are back to blogging after a long hiatus :).

  3. many many happy returns of the day to you jen.. and that is a lovely celebration..

    Happy happy Birthday and best wishes alwayssssssssssssssss god bless


  4. First and foremost - How can I be friends with your friends? I love expensive gifts. You must be kidding, you are not 30, right?

    Belated wishes dear. Have a rocking year. :)

    Btw, you said you couldn't see anything on my new post. It's a facebook link. Check is Facebook is allowed from where you logged in.

  5. It was really good fun seeing you select your own gift though :D

  6. OMG Happy birthday once again princess :) What a lovely birthday you had I so love those pictures for the happiness I see in them.
    :) Keep smiling and I love that watch :) beware I may steal it!!!!

  7. Happy belated 30th Jenny.. Where were you all this while!?

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  9. Happy Birthday Jenny :-) You are indeed gifted to have friends and family along with you. Nice to see you back here :-)

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