Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Irked in office

I am in the office floor washroom, washing my hands after using the loo. A girl, aka smiley wali acquaintance (i.e. we don't know the names of one another but exchange smiles when we run into each other on the office floor) comes in, uses the loo, come out and then shows me the mehendi on her hand and tells me to smell it! Al rite the mehendi is beautiful, and yes it always smells heavenly, but ma'am NO, I cannot smell your hands if you have not washed them first! Well guess what? I obliged :-( . Because really, I felt awkward to tell her to wash her hands first, only after which I could bury my nose into them. That would hurt and it would be really awkward. For the record; Later on, I did clean my face and my hands rigorously and dried them clean. But this lead to the loss of 2 more paper towels, whereas, if she had directly washed her hands, we would have saved one tissue and we both would have enjoyed the mehendi aroma treat! Sigh!

So why am I blabbering about this washroom exchange over here. Reason being; I have some major pet peeves, and when people go ahead and do those, I find it terribly hard to go ahead and point that to them! How do you tell people (politely/without annoying/without sounding offensive) that they have got to stop doing certain actions or have to start doing certain things in the office?

Seriously tell me, how do you tell people:

To stop scratching your back, armpits while talking to your peers in the meeting room. While the man is going on and on about the value adds, I am all "How does the hand even reach that place on your back!!??"

To tell the girl who looks ultra chic in the trousers, to wear some perfume. Because really girl, I don't want to know which loo you had used 10 minutes back.

To tell the smiley girl to wash her hands ALWAYS after using the loo, because its only you and not the germs who have to rush to that call or meeting. She never washes her hands!

To the boy in the next cubicle, to hold a hanky/tissue/hands to your face while you sneeze. Because I like to take my shower in the mornings only, thank you.

To the manager who talks horribly wrong grammatical English, so much that he address the woman on the phone as 'He'. Surely I ensure I say something in the call, you know, just to clear the air about my English.

To the colleague who finishes up all of my all tiffins, instead of sharing it. Sir, I show that I care, but really its not all that much.

To the guy on the floor, who removes his shoes and parades around in the socks. Well if someone is unconscious we know where to go, but until then, can you keep your shoes on please?

To the newly married girl who almost yells on the phone. We know you have to have the mush talks, but how about just for your man, and not for the other 10 men surrounding your cubicle.

And to the colleague who sweats profusely even in the AC, not to ask us, to share our apples. With the 'NO' nod of the head, I always want to add that you must visit the doc for that much sweating. Seriously.

Well, as I re read all the above lines, I somewhere felt, I had turned bitchy and insulting. So really, even after reading the points HERE I feel that, so how am I ever going to say these things (of course not with the sarcasm) and expect that they would take it positively. I know there are columns in magazines who address these kind of queries, but really being an almost stranger to one another in the office, I cannot go ahead and ask them to do stop this and request them to start doing that. I feel, something like this, can best be addressed by friends very close or by family. But surely they have not, else there would not be such a post. So does that mean, I have to go on shaking germs laded hands or get showered by sneezes in the office, just because there is no good way to say this?

And yes, there is actually no good way to say this.
A personal incident; I have really frizzy hair and it tends to cover up my face at times. With longer hair the frizz also increased in proportion. I really never bothered about it, until a girl came up to and told me that I should tie my hair properly, because it looked very untidy(let me add very politely). I will be honest here, how much ever her intentions were good, that sentence really really hurt me. Eventually I began to use a lot of conditioner for the frizz and tied it better. The hair started to look a lot neater over the years but somehow I still housed that tiny grudge somewhere against that 'stranger'. Maybe I would have taken it a lot better, if it as someone from my family. But what if my family never told me?

So the only way to do this, is to be prepared that the person may not like it, but really someone has to tell him/her. HaHa I get that, but pray tell me "Whose going to bell the manager??"

Happy new years guys. For long I had no clue what to write and then it was winter, so I just hibernated.
A lot of people have ventured their thoughts about the Delhi gang rape on the blogosphere. This is really commendable and indeed I got to read a varied amount of opinions (never a hibernation on reading). We need more like that. It is a revolution and we all have to do our bit. But how sad, that it had come to something like this, for a revolution to start. As far as I am concerned, I really had and still have only one line to say. Castration and definitely not chemical.