Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Wife's Poem - Unknown Author

Hubby sent me an interesting forward and I really couldn't helping chuckling after reading it. Hope you enjoy this and take it in the right spirit! The author is unknown, but I am sure she (or he?) possesses an amazing sense of humour!

He didn't like the curry
         And he didn't like my cake.
He said my biscuits were too hard...
  Not like his mother use to make.
     I didn't prepare the coffee right
He didn't like the skew,
          I didn't mend his socks
       The way his mother used to do.
     I pondered for an answer
   I was looking for a clue.
Isn't there anything I could do
   To match his mother's shoe
      Then I smiled as I saw light
     One thing I could definitely do
             I turned around
             and slapped him tight...
           Like his mother used to!!!!!

Author unknown

Husbands, who insist that wife should treat him like his mother does, beware!

Friday, August 10, 2012

A Hairy Story

I have decent hair, thanks to my south Indian genes. Although Mum feels that the texture and thickness has gone down by 50%, I still feel I my mane is good enough, and thankfully don't have major problems. This gives me the chance to continuously experiment with my hair, so much that I never had the same hair style for than 4 months at a stretch. Of course I like the creepiest forms of hair dos, but the least manageable and slightly messy is my style. Considering this, don't act shocked if I say Preity Zinta's hairdo in Lakshya is my favorite. I totally admire her for using her hair to change her looks. She went from curly in Dil chata hain to poker straight in Kal ho Na ho, to messy and unruly in Lakshya to long luscious colored mane in Veer Zara to very short in Salaam Namaste. She has experimented a lot with her looks unlike the likes of Katrina or Kareena. I am not saying they have bad hair, no they have beautiful amazing hair, but I really would like to see them experiment more with their hair.



My hair texture is close to Kajol's hair, black jet and curly. And although I always yearned for the straight poker hair(you know, the grass is always green on the other side), I have finally started appreciating what I have.

I do take care of my hair, and have my specials way of doing it.
1. Since I hate unclean hair or dandruff hair, I always wash them after a sweaty workout. And because I exercise 3 times a week, I end up washing my hair 3 times a week(and sometimes 4)
2. I have experimented a lot with shampoos and have finally decided upon Dove. Worst experience and would never use: Garnier.
3. Something which a lot of people do, I never apply shampoo directly to my hair. I dilute it into a jug of water. This way I end up using a little bit of shampoo during each wash. This is important, because I wash my hair more than normal times in a week.
4. For oils I go for either Dabur amla, Castor Oil and Parachute coconut oil. My mom also prepares a special oil made of methi seeds and Hibiscus. Castor oil reduces baldness and maintains the thickness of the hair.
5. I always condition my hair, use a split end serum and go for frequent hair trims. This helps keep the hair soft, and improves the growth.
6. I have never colored my hair(and will not in future as well) and always towel dry my hair.
7. I also apply a mask of egg yolk, egg white, and few drops of lemon every weekend. Egg is an excellent conditioner and lemon helps keep the dandruff away.
8. Green tea is also supposed to be a good conditioner and aids hair growth. I tried it once, but the mixture became too watery to apply.
9. And finally a good diet. I try to include green leafy veggies in my diet and eat less oily or spicy foods.

All the above have helped my maintain my mane and have allowed me to keep experimenting with them. Apart from the nightmares where my hair turns purple like Tonks in Harry Potter or am going bald like Voldemort again in Harry Potter(yes I am into the Potter series nowadays!), my hair has given me hardly any trouble and has always behaved itself. It is a precious important aspect of beauty and I thank god to have blessed me with good hair.

Leaving you with some of my hair experiments(which is nothing but hair lengths) over the last 2 years and with few questions. How often do you experiment with your hair? Do you sometimes feel like cutting it off very short and sometimes growing them long?



TOTAL CURLS and SHOULDER Length and that's ASH with her poker straight with me. Contrast hair styles and texture.

To VERY SHORT. This is what I sport now.
Next plan:
Go long again!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Olympic Joys

I am deactivated from Facebook, so there has to be a medium where I can yell with joy oyy!

Saina gets the bronze. Oh lalala. And what irony, this same time last year, we were staying right next to the Wembley Arena, London. God, I actually used to jog around those fountains every morning. We have this feeling that, if we were still there, we would have invited Saina for a brunch with us, and yes she would have obliged! Well that's how grounded she is. To add to our woes, a colleague who stays in our building(in London), shared clips with her and couple of more friends actually made it to the match today! This makes us so jealous. Never mind, after the Sania vs China matches, it will be nice to see her shining on the podium with that bronze. She is clearly aiming the pinnacle on that podium and with each olympics she is getting closer. True Champion.

On the tennis front, Sunday is what we await, because it is Roger for you at the centre court Wimbledon grounds. And although he is playing against Murray, sadly the home crowd favorite will have to settle with the silver. Well unfortunate, but that's how it has to work. Fedex already has a gold in doubles, and we know await for the Golden career slam. Excited.

Giving us more joy is Serena, who is blasting off Maria. She already has got the first set for 6-0, and clearly running away with the second set. Oh how I love Williams, both of them and how I dont like Maria. Maria may have the 4 grand slams in her kitty, but her grunts and legs seems to popularize here more than those trophies. Well no problems there, but it is the game I like, and so it will be Serena who I adore :-) And as I write this here she is serving for the GOLD! How goosebumpy, Fedex and Williams have won the Wimbledon this year and now both of them playing for the gold and wait, the career gold slam! Something is surely golden in the grass this year! Touchwood.

Leander and the tennis folks made hell of cry as to who wants to partner whom. Well looks like all that tamasha was for nothing. Vishnu Vardhan, the 'not wanted' double partner, played hell better than Leander himself. Well next time, Vishnu should call the shots, as to whom he would like to partner. Actually Vishnu need not worry about that, considering by the next Olympics there won't be much to choose from!
Sania, well don't have much to say about her. The mixed doubles, well uhhmm lets see what happens there. Call me a sadist, but I don't wish for her to win. Reason: She is just too haughty for words. I have seen here play live in the Wimbledon three years back, and believe me guys, her first service was terrible, not worth mentioning here. Bored.

Boxing is what has caught our attention now. And finally I have begun to understand the game. Vijender is there. But so is Devendro Singh. How beautiful was he in that ring today, and the minute the third round was done he knew it. He is in the quarters! Hopeful.

And of course at last my favorite, athletics. There is so much to learn from Bolt. Watched the 100m Men's heats today, and how relaxed was he. Yes this is the Olympics and yes there is the pressure, but at the end of the day it is a 100m run. He danced his way to the start point. Did his jig, and went for the run. He won it, and did his customary 'head turn to see his opponent' at the finish line. That's how cool this guy is, tons of life fundas to learn there people. Love.

Finally, it is nice to have the feeling of looking forward to crucial matches with Indians in it. It makes the Olympics all the more memorable. 2 Bronze and a Silver already, its is becoming a fruitful event, the trend starting from Athens 8 years back! Now we await with bated breath for the time, when the Indian National Anthem plays again this year and we get back more gold back home. Till then we are glued to the sets. Proud Indian.

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PS: As I have decorated with this post with pictures, Serena has won her Gold after demolishing Sharapova.
PS2: Please do notice the Gold font of the post. This is my way of wishing our team Good luck :-)