Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Zor Lage ke

Ok, So I had a dreadful day yesterday.. And I have to write something different to change gears..:-)

I drive a Maruti 800.. Please don't say a negative word about this car, as to how old fashioned it is, and just 800cc ki gadi.. and all and all.. I love this car.. and it has a lot of sentiments attached with it. Papa bought this in 1999 and it was the first car in our family. So it has been showered upon with a lot of love, care and servicing by amma papa..

ok, so the last weekend, I took away my golden beauty to the maruti service station.. I had not been very good to her and she did show her wrath in her special own way.. Although she was bathed every alternate day, tvacha ki andar se safali nahi hui thi..i.e. no servicing for 6 months.. Dekha dekha, and finally she just would not start on a busy highway at 9 in the night..(but eventually did start) So lesson learnt.. that very Saturday, she was taken to the maruti sai service station at JM road in Pune.

So when this girl wants to pamper itself, she leaves no stone unturned.. All that pampering and massaging, oil and brake fluid changing cost me a good 7000 bucks... but never mind.. 6 months mein 7K sirf ek baar is fine..


But this post is not about the servicing of my(well err papa's) car but more about what happened after the servicing..

So Maruti guys promised me, that I could pick up the car over the weekend itself.. Weekend came and went, but no calls from them. Monday ko finally I call, and they tell me, ki Tuesday ko the car is available. Now since I work long hours almost till 9 nowadays (this new project seems to have loads of work!!), there was no way I could go from Hinjewadi to JM to collect it. So instead they offer me their home delivery facility,of course not for free, but for a good 100 bucks.. I am fine with that, and tell them to come around 9:30 night.

Tuesday: So I wait and wait, and finally get a call at 10:30 in the night. A man who is very irritated is yelling into the phone.. 'Madam, petrol khatam ho gaya!!!'. ok, so I guess this is the man with my car and it is my car who has no fuel.. I am all tensed now, but I camly ask him 'Bhaiya kaha ho?'..

So after exchanging landmarks and shop names, I know the coordinates of my car and the man, who is actually the driver from the service station(of course you would have guessed this by now, how lame of me!!)

This place is not far, just approx 700-800 metres away from my house. In 10-15 minutes I am there, and ask him to try and start the car. OK so we try try try, but my darling girlie will not budge. Don't blame her, there iisn't a drop of petrol in the tank.

Me now frustated, asked the driver, how can he drive so far knowing that there is so little petrol in the car. Also, the petrol indicator start blinking like mad, when there is just petrol enough to take you 5 kms ahead only. He replies back, saying he did tell his managers, but the managers told him to obey him and not talk much. So he decided to ignore the blinking and just drive along..Me: what???why??? how could..?/? what the..??

I call up the manager. Manager, instead of apologising, tells me, to buy a can and go and get petrol. Now I am really angry. I am standing on the road which is good 15 minutes from my house..it uphill all the way..its after 10:30, so no petrol pumps close to my house are open. and I have no can(they don't provide petrol in the bottles nowadays in pune) to get petrol.. He thinks, and hmms and hamms and then tells me to catch a rick and get petrol from a pump which is 45 mins away one way (in a rick)..oh wow, what an idea pshco.. I flare up, and give him a earful. Starting with how can he send the car with so little petrol, he could very well fill it up, and I would then pay the money later..
So he then goes defensive first and then totally stops responding..Irritating!!!.. He then starts telling me about all those years he has worked with cars, and how he knows that the petrol in my car was surely enough..Argghhh!!!! Lameness is hud ho gai thi!

After wasting 15 mins on the manager, the driver and I decide to push the car..Wow, my first time.. so I am like ..'Kitna mushkil ho sakta hain??big deal..lets push!!'
He starts pushing from the right hand window near the steering wheel, since he also has to control the steering.. and I take the back..

So the task is to push the Maruti for a distance of 700 odd metres, a total uphill with 3 speed breakers.. sound easy na..?

Hell no!!
We start, and for the first time, I am aware of the muscles which are present in my thighs and buttocks.. The hamstring, gluteal, quadriceps muscles discussions among the leaner lot in the gym is coming screaming back to me!!..
After painful 5 mins, we are at the first speed breaker. I take a pause to halt..ok so never do that w/o telling the person who is handling the steering wheel.. The minute you stop pushing, the car rolls backwards right on to you..I pause, it comes back in double speed, and next I know, I am almost falling under it!!.. Immediately the driver realises this, and pulls the hand brake to stop the car motion.. Ahh I am saved..!! Driver glares.. and I am
'don't need this now buddy'


We take a break of 2 minutes, and start again.. Couple of bikers go past us, and the riders show me their pearly whites. I am aghast.. ok, so I am ajj ki nari and all that.. and I dont need a hand while I push my car.. But this is really insensitive.. I mean if it were me.. I would help push even if it was a solid well built guy, or alteast ask, or the least, never laugh!!!..
Believe me guys, pushing a car is not something I look forward to doing again soon, it is really tough!!!

We continue pushing, zor lage ke, and this we go non stop without stopping over the third speed breaker as well.. I clearly picture myself -> just pushing and pushing and not even looking up to see how much distance we had covered..:-(((
After 15 minutes, we finally manage to push my car into the parking..For the last bit, the watchmen were kind enough to help.. So grateful sachi!! Cleared of the bills and did give gave extra something to the 2 watchmen and the driver..They deserved it totally.. and what did I deserve.. no work out for the entire week.. :-)))

So even though it was painful.. I was proud of myself, that I actually pushed a 1000kg vehicle!!! And now I know that I can push my car if needed be, anytime, anywhere.. But at the same time am also thinking , thank god my parents did not buy/could not afford a car like Esteem(was very popular then) or something like that then..:-)) What would it be like if they had.. Hmmm.. lets not even think about that na :-)))

PS: The service station guys did call me after couple of days for my feed back about the servicing. The car was very well serviced, but I did mention about the aftermath. The lady was kind enough to mention, that she would check and address this issue as priority. She said she would get as soon as possible. It has been 2 weeks since that incident and and I am still waiting for the 'get back'

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oops!! Change in Itinerary

So when I was 10, 12, 15, 18 I planned and planned and planned...and then zipppzap, cut to present, am 27 now, and lo.. am thinking, 'This is not happening as I planned!'

What I planned:
I hated computers and once almost failed in the 6th std. Took a oath, never to have to do with anything that deals with computers..
What I ended up with:
Working in an IT giant for the last 5 years, and earning my bread butter using this damn thing called computers!

What I planned:
I would find a guy and make him fall for me. Would get a dreamy proposal with flowers and kisses.. he would have to propose but ofcource!! and a fairy tale love story later..muah muah..
What I ended up with:
I proposed my guy over a message, when I was travelling from Pun to Mumbai. Did not even say the 'love' word. Just said, how would it be together..?
He replied back: 'Hmm ok, I need 2 days to get back.' Me -> ????????

What I planned:
I would always settle in Mumbai come what may. and I hate pune, because all my snobbish friends (except one) moved to Pune after 12th and became even more snobbier(if that's a word!)
What I ended up with:
I am living in Pune since 2006, and since I am marrying a guy who is in Pune, looks like I am eventually going to settle down here for good..

What I planned:
I would be married at the age of 25(yes exact, as if when the clocked strikes 12 on my bday, the man of my dreams would arrive magically by my bed with a ring at his side) and I would have my baby when I turn 27.
What I ended up with:
Me unmarried. So ofcourse I did not get married when I was 25. and I am 27 for the past 6 months, so even if I wanted to, my illegitimate child will not be born, when I am still 27..

5. What I planned:
I would marry a guy who would at least be 2 years elder to me, and at most be 4 years elder to me. And he would belong to my caste.
What I ended up with:
I am marrying a guy who is 10 months younger to me, and he is a Maharashtrian..

6. What I planned:
I would never ever put my leg in the swimming pool and in a swimming costume. Because I am terrified petrified of water and drowning..
What I ended up with:
I have started swimming from Aug 2011, and although I am still very scared of the water, I have managed to swim all the strokes comfortably..

7. What I planned:
I would have the most lavish wedding, and would wear my finest traditional, and perform all the rituals of the wedding, the pheras and kanyadan included with the most solemn expression on my face..
What I ended up with:
We are having a registered marriage, which will not have any of the rituals, but just a certificate which we have to sign..

Phhffftt...all those plans, just blew up right on my face na.. I was busy planning everything as per 'my definition' of the ideal world, but all along God was like''Oops beta, a slight change in the itinerary!!' , and lifted me out of my dreams and planted me back into the real world!!..
But do I regret his changes?? well not really..

I don't hate my work so much, and really cant do without my laptop..so not sure, what was I thinking back then??

My guy did take 2 days, but said yes. And this was in 2009, and he has stood by me since then!

My love for Mumbai can never diminish, but I prefer the gentle weather and hustle bustle young crowd of Pune. I love this city now!

I was not married by 25, but who cares.. as long as I marry the guy of my dreams, I don't give a damn about the age anymore .. Guess I matured! About kids, I need to mature a tinywiny little bit more :-)

Yeps, he is younger, but 10 times more mature and grounded than I am.. I have seen guys 3-4 years elder to me, but behave like kids..I am better of with this younger hero of mine na?

Ahh swimming, how I love it now, the best est stress buster ever. All credit goes to Ash for getting me into that pool and teaching me how to swim. Yes you got that right, I never learnt from a coach, learnt it all from her!! And yes it is the best way to get a shapely body guys.. Go for it.

Well not very cool with the registered marriage, but I guess it is the guy whoI get married would matter more than the celebrations and the photo albums in the long run na..

So bhagwanji..you know what, I will continue to plan and plan.. but you always welcome to come and change the itinerary thoda idar udar..All additions/subtractions are now most welcome :-))

Monday, December 5, 2011

'You are now, dead for me!'

I was insensitive and rude, most times, would say things and would not apologise, thinking, time would take care of it.. but time wasn't my bestest friends.. and I got the greatest lesson of my life in 2008. I left for London UK on the 18 Oct 2008. Papa, amma, and other family members came to see me off at the Mumbai airport. I had fought with Papa, because he kept on pestering me, saying that I should keep my passport safely. I was irriatated, and was really very tensed about travelling all alone, internationally. I bade a tearful good bye to all, including dad, but till the end didnot agree about the passport stuff. and flew off to UK.

That was the last I saw my dad, and even though I loved him the most and he knew this, I cannot forget that I fought with him that last time I saw him.. I got no time to apologise..I got no second chance, I never knew, I just never knew..

Now, after every fight, I try my best to clear it out the day itself. I always fear, what if this was the last time I interacted with that person, what if this was the last time I spoke to that person.. what if I would never get a second chance..!

Someone recently said 'You are now dead for me'
This has actually triggered me to write this post, and bring out such painful memories, which have been buried deep down in my heart, mind, my soul...

Death is uncertain, and we are always at its peril...God sends us on earth to live this beautiful life, and we disgust him by fighting on petty things and doing everything to make it the most horrible thing to do and say and live.. What if god told us, that today is your last day in your life? We would regret on all lost time, cry in self pity for the so very little time that we have now, then gear up to be positive and blah and do all those things, that we always want to do, call our loved ones, apologise.. sort everything, do things till time permits, and then leave the world..isnt?

But sadly, god doesnot give us a notification on our calanders about this day.. and even more sadly, though we all know this evil truth, we dont do what we love, and we dont show our loved ones, how much we love. We leave for an other day, we trust our time, and our loved ones time a little too much!!!

'You are now dead for me'! I wish to ask that person, do you really know what is to feel when someone dies? Just saying it, but knowing that the person is still alive, and actually feeling it when the person dies are two oppsoties of a pole! The words that this person has said, is unaccountable to the trauma and the atmosphere of the house where a person is no more. It takes tremendous courage to live again in the house, whose each corner, each wall, has a happy memory, which is no more happy but painful..Painful becuase those memories are only to be remebered..To open the cupboard to find the clothes, shoes, ties which cannot be worn again.. to find the brush and the shaving kit, and the hair on the razor which leaves you in a trance for a minute everyday, before you gather yourself and start brushing again. To sit at the dining table, and close your eyes, just to imagine the times before. To sleep, and then try to remember how that voice sounded, knowing always that you would never hear it again.. To celebrate each happy occassion, festival with a ache in the heart, imagining how things would have been be a year back.. To stop your hands from shivering when you go through the photo album!!!!! Painful, heart wrenching, dreadful..best kept in the heart and not on paper right??

But I cannot stop myself, and it is here on paper, and I write it, when people say such words, which can never never again be taken back, for a figth so petty!!!! This, This is what it means, when someone is dead. This is how much of a pain, you should undergo, if you want to say such things!!Words said, with hatred and venegance, words said to hurt beyond recognistion. Words, which Now make you feel good about yourself, since you know the damage it has inflicted upon is the highest. But words which are actually hollow, empty, worthless, and show how shallow your heart is, and how worthless you consider the life is which we have been given to LIVE!

Petty issues, are not worthwhile enough for me to die for. and even though you say it, I would still choose to ignore it and Live my life as I have always wished to. You say, I am dead for you, But I am alive for everyone else. I dont wish for you to be dead anytime, but I wish to hate you. You come to me for apologies in this life, I will forgive you. Till then, I am fine to be dead for you!